Legology was developed by beauty writer Kate Shapland to deliver a high performance solution to heavy legs and cellulite. The deep-working formulas relieve the fluid retention that makes legs puffy, tired and congested and which contributes to cellulite.

Heavy and aching legs can be experienced during hot weather, pregnancy, long haul flights, a day on your feet or a night in heels.  Legology brings powerful relief, instantly and progressively with regular use, and the products are a joy to use, not a chore.



There’s a place that evokes the spirit of Legology which is part fantasy, part real. The Italian island of Capri, steeped in a unique, random style, inspired the Legology concept which, while powerful, would evoke a gentle glamour, charm and feel good elegance – of being in a holiday bubble: warm, tanned, happy, confident, in love perhaps? In that sense, Capri could just as well have been California or the French Riviera – in fact some have noticed a bit of a Chateau Marmont vibe about Legology.

Legology has a clean, uplifting lemon scent called ‘Capri Crush’ created by perfume house Robertet with Amalfi lemons to evoke the romance and spirit of Capri.  With each application the cream works to put the same carefree spring in your step as a day in the vivifying Mediterranean sea and sun.