1-2-1 with the hosiery king

Having worked in hosiery for decades, Stephen & Madeleine Sheldon opened a destination e-store dedicated to premium leg wear (and care – you’ll find Legology in it): here, Stephen talk socks (long & short), & reveals his practical tips on choosing the most flattering & comfortable hosiery. You’ll find a rather special competition at the end too!

What are the three most important things to look for when investing in great hosiery?

“A beautiful look, outstanding comfort/fit and when possible, durability”.

What are the most flattering colours and finishes for all legs?

“I think a semi-opaque (between a 20-50 denier) tends to be an all-rounder in that it flatters your legs and can be worn at any time of the year except in extreme conditions. But of course for the colder months nothing beats a pair of black opaques”.

Any advice on wearing this season’s trend for socks and heels – i.e. the best skirt length, heel height, sock length?

“This is very individual, always try to make the proportions correct to a person’s own height. Overknee socks are easier to wear than ankle socks”.

Which brands have done most to push innovation in hosiery over the years?

“The leading brands over the years in hosiery innovation are Wolford, Falke, Fogal and Gerbe. Definitely the discovery of Nylon made a major impact (previously stockings were silk), but the addition of Lycra was the biggest innovation.  Since then the introduction of new knitting techniques and heat treatments of  yarns have produced more durable and finer products as well as smoother opaques”.

What’s the difference between ‘compression’ & ‘control’?

“Compression is for the amount of tightness graduated upwards from the ankle loosening as it goes higher up your legs, they are a great way of making your legs feel less tired. Support generally means the same. Control tights are specifically targeted to hold you in at different points – for example, just tummy or hips and tummy or bum and hips!”

Lastly, colours: what are the most direction autumn hosiery shades this year?

“We always sell black the most every year, but current trends are the greys and aubergines/plums as well as gold, terracotta, taupe and chocolate. Just take a look at our Fogal Opaque 30 colour palette”.


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