inside + out = thoroughly modern beauty

We are becoming increasingly savvy about incorporating wellbeing into our beauty regimes.

In beauty there has been a noticeable shift towards maintaining inner and outer beauty with the view that the way you treat your body and mind is as vital to looking and feeling great as the ingredients you apply to your skin. Read on for some simple ways to be kind to yourself – inside and out.

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    Superfacialist and Legology fan Sarah Chapman recommends taking her supplements at night to give your skin a boost and your mind a rest.

    Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial Supplement: always ahead of the curve where skincare goes, this clever facialist has embraced the benefits of inside-out beauty and developed supplements which enhance your skin and sleep.

    Her Overnight Facial Supplements come in a jar which serves reparative omega capsules to treat skin and lavender infused tablets to aid a peaceful night’s sleep. £46 for a month’s supply,

  • Prismologie Interlude Massage Candle: it’s amazing what a scented candle can do for the soul. “The simple ritual of lighting the flame can help tell your mind that it’s time to switch off,” explains Antonia Wheatley, head of spa education Aveda UK. And you can drizzle the warm wild mango and coconut oil from this one onto skin for a moisturising treat. £55,

    Clipper Green Teas: Non-tea drinkers, we hear you! But these aren’t your usual toe-curling tasting teas, they’re brand new and actually rather good. Plus, as green tea is full of free radical fighting antioxidants you can reap the beauty benefits with every sip. Try the pear and honey flavour, £1.89 for 20 bags,


    Prismologie Massage Candle with Oud

balanced-and-beautifulWhat do you do after reaching the Masterchef finals?  Angela Langford cooked up a skincare brand containing what she sees as the best ingredients for skin. 

Her Bloom & Glow Face Oil contains antioxidants chia seed and sea buckthorn extracts and works wonders on tired, damaged skin. Plus, with each order Angela will send you a free recipe for one of her healthy, skin-loving meals. £20.50,