shoes + insoles = the invisible Cuban heel

The cropped pant, championed by Isabel Marant and reminiscent of a Victorian street urchin, is the trouser of the season. Really, no trouser could be less flattering on the average leg.

cropped-flare-jeans-alexa-chung-h724Cord, Ikat, embellished or etoile denim, no matter what style – or what heel – these pants are challenging.  How to make them wearable or just look a bit leggier generally? Invisible Heels.

Simple wedges which slip invisibly into the soles of your ghillies or trainers with the intent to make you look instantly taller. It isn’t a new concept – home-grown wedges have been a staple for vertically-challenged actors for years, being stuffed into shoes to deliver that all important extra inch in a pair of Cuban heels on the red carpet.

Our attention was first drawn to this reinvention by the Man Repeller blog, who posted on the Invisible Heels’ magical elongating powers. They gave them the thumbs up. We thought we had better give them the Lift Off treatment too:

“Anything that promises to make me look taller is a no-brainer”

“Playing with proportions and visual illusions only gets you so far after all – and this trick couldn’t be easier: they went straight into the soles of various pairs of shoes, followed by my feet. and were totally incognito in every style from trainer to boot and pump.

However, while not exactly uncomfortable to the point of no-pain-no-gain they do make your shoes feel rather on the snug side which isn’t ideal when you’re wearing shoes which don’t cover the topside of your foot because this turns toe cleavage into overspill.

There’s no doubt though that the extra 1.5 inches delivered by the insole wedges made a noticeable difference to my height, and the way I felt – taller, yes, and slimmer too, an added bonus! Keep them for your trainers and high tops.”