Clare Rogers + skis = super legs

Ski-ing is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise you can do, and especially helpful to your legs because the muscles constantly need to make adjustments to keep you stable and upright.

  • ready to slope off in style?

    Ready to slope off in style?

  • The general position of the downhill skier is in a slight crouch, knees bent and feet together, which puts a fair amount of strain on the leg muscles, especially the large quadriceps and glutes.

    So your legs get a fantastic workout on the slopes.  To get them ready for the workout that lies on the piste though, I recommend doing squatting exercises to strengthen the muscles.  Your leg muscles are the largest in the body, so you need calories to support them and burn as energy when you’re ski-ing.

    I love ski-ing.  The only problem is, it can be damn cold, especially with wind chill.  To avoid getting a cold and feeling miserable, it’s important to start the day with a good hot breakfast and to have lots of hot drinks to keep your body warm through the day.

  • “Black pepper, the king of spices, has long been known for its warming properties.  I put it on everything, especially pasta and spaghetti, to help digestion and break down mucus”.

    Don’t forget to pack your swimwear!  Before arriving at a resort I usually check out online the nearby spas.  A massage is a must-have at least once during a week’s ski-ing.  You’ll find most have offers if you book before 3pm, as it’s generally quieter then because everyone is on the slopes.

    My ski spongebag staple?  Lavender oil!  A few drops in a bowl of warm water do wonders as a soak for tired, achy feet at the end of a day on the slopes.

  • Aromatherapy-Associates-Support-Lavender-Pure-Essential-Oil

    Clare’s foot soak friend: Aromatherapy Associates Support Pure Essential Oil Of Lavender