smooth operators in NYC

On a trip to New York last spring I found myself – as I always do on my first morning there – staring at the ceiling, wide awake at 4am. And that city was definitely sleeping, contrary to its reputation. At 6am I ordered coffee and at 7am I got up to hit the streets, already bustling with office-bound suits, and I did what any sane, jet-lagged beauty editor would do: I booked a pre-brunch treatment.

Do you remember Completely Bare, one of the first salons to introduce the everything-off bikini wax to New York in the late 1990s? Well, it evolved into the chic, expert-led Spruce & Bond in 2014, and is now the city slicker’s go-to for brow treatments, as well as laser and waxing.

With six dedicated hair removal studios dotted around New York city, it’s safe to say that Spruce & Bond is killing it Stateside. Forget sparse, clinical salons that scare the life out of you – these chic yet high-tech studios have got both style and personality, so they are the perfect partner for Legology, which has a new home in all of the Spruce & Bond outlets.

This is the place to go in New York for a gentle, rash-free leg wax at just £55. So if you find yourself awake before the rest of the city, a long New York morning stretching ahead, here’s why a stop in at Spruce & Bond for a painless spot of hair removal is worthwhile (and not just for the BIG coffee).

GT How does the concept of Spruce & Bond differ from other hair removal studios in NYC (or anywhere in the world for that matter)?

S&B We provide results driven beauty treatments, specialising in laser, wax and brows – and with over one million treatments performed, we can confidently say that we are the best at what we do. We offer the latest technology, the most highly trained specialists, and facilities that are spotless and chic that will make you feel at home.

GT How did the concept come about?

S&B Almost two decades ago, we envisioned a totally new concept in hair removal – one where clients could expect the highest level of expertise and standards, in a chic environment where they would feel comfortable and welcomed. With over a million treatments and counting, our highly trained specialists deliver the results you are looking for. Our customised wax, laser and brow treatments help our clients stay smooth and confident.

GT Why was NYC the chosen location for all six stores?

“New York is the heart of all things beauty and innovation and there is a constant demand for our services. New Yorkers are also very energetic and fun, just like us!”

GT Which store is the easiest to find/quickest to get to if you’re straight in from JFK airport?

S&B Any one of our East Side locations would be great to visit, so our Flatiron location at 103 5th Avenue, our UES location at 1441 2nd Ave or our NOHO location at 25 Bond St. We suggest hopping in an Uber to get there fastest!

GT Does Spruce & Bond have a beauty philosophy?

S&B We believe that beauty should be fun, results-driven and painless! We’ve redefined everything about the hair removal experience – from our proprietary wax (our pain-free wax is made for us exclusively and comes from London!) to our specialists, to the amenities in the locations. Everything and everyone at our locations are dedicated to making our services elevated, effective and fun.

GT For anyone visiting for the first time, what they can expect from their experience?

S&B We believe in understanding exactly what the customer is looking for prior to starting their services. We take the time before an appointment for a consultation to make sure we are giving the customer just what they want and need. This helps us set expectations and uphold to them. Each specialist on our team has completed rigorous screening and training, and is the best at their area of expertise. We also screen for ‘people’ people, so all of our specialists are experts at making clients feel at ease and comfortable talking about anything.

GT Are there any added extras, for example a refreshments menu etc?

“All guests are offered a beverage at check-in. We also have an assortment of fun candy in our waiting rooms and a ton of amazing hand picked retail (like Legology) to peruse while you wait for your specialist”.

GT For anyone visiting NYC for the first time on holiday, can you tell us your top 3 secret hotspots within the city that aren’t full of tourists? For example, a great shop/lesser known museum/café? Anywhere new visitors just have to go to that isn’t necessarily a tourist attraction?

S&B We love spending a day at the Union Square Market! They offer an amazing assortment of fresh foods and flowers from local farms, and is conveniently located just steps away from our Flatiron store. If you’re looking for entertainment, check out the iconic Beacon Theater on the Upper West Side. Jerry Seinfeld is performing his stand-up show there through the end of the year. Our Upper West Side location is also just a few blocks away! After a visit to our Upper East Side location, we love checking out the latest exhibit at the Frick Museum. It’s not as crowded as the Met but always has beautiful art.

GT What is the one restaurant you would highly recommend in NYC that isn’t over-crowded, and why?

“The Smile is one of our favorite restaurants, directly across the street from our NOHO location. It’s a hidden gem situated in a landmark 1830s Federal-style townhouse that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot a few celebrities here”.

GT And the one NYC hotel you would highly recommend for the same reasons?

S&B We love NOMO SOHO, conveniently located right near our sister brand, Pucker Makeup & Eyelash Extensions! (a must have beauty treatment) It’s chic, trendy and close to all the hot spots and shopping in NYC.