Kitted out for a personal best

If we have to exercise, why not do it in style? It’s amazing what a new pair of leggings can do for your get-up-and-go. Not only can a new gym kit give you that kick we all occasionally need to get on with a workout, it can also improve your performance and even protect your skin from UV damage.

So here’s Joanne Admiraal, creator of luxury leg wear brand Hey Jo!, on how to get the perfect workout wardrobe for YOU and your regime.

Feeling confident in workout clothing reflects in our performance so choose something that makes you feel great.


1. Feeling confident in workout clothing reflects in our performance so choose something that makes you feel great.

2. Ask yourself if you like to feel ‘held in’ by compression, or if you prefer the free feeling of excess fabric.

3. Experiment with shape; most high quality active wear fabric gives good stretch as well as premium comfort.

4. Investing in quality fabric should ensure longevity of colour density, anti-pilling testing, SPF protection and most importantly excellent shape retention.

5. Make sure areas around the knees and bum don’t sag.


  • Loose Legging

  • Cassini Malibu

  • Cassini Ocean

  • Status Track



Hey Jo! Highlife Legging, £195, – Photographer credit: Daniel Jaems

“Look for a good bounce-minimalizing bra which supports you according to your personal requirement. Your bra should also breathe & fit well in the under arm, otherwise running can precipitate chaffing and soreness.

Alongside this, invest in good trainers which support your running style – a specialist retailer will look at your foot strike and shape.

The top and bottom is then down to personal choice; some like to run free, in shorts and loose t-shirt whilst others prefer more muscle-caressing (anti-jiggling) support.”

If you’re a runner it’s suggested to change your trainers every six months,

Asics recommend you change between 450 to 550 miles to avoid injury. Trainers that are purpose-designed with higher-quality materials tend to last longer, too.


“Thankfully, there are a wide variety of ‘at home’ DVDs and online workouts, ranging from HIT & Plyometrics, to Kundalini yoga and meditations. Moves range from floor to standing but as you’re in the confines of your own home, let comfort rule (after considering appropriate support of course). For example, some may not wish to have a zip in their lower back position if you’re mostly laying on a hard floor for a length of time.”



“A long fitted tank is key. Avoid over-thinking the position of your clothing as in yoga and Pilates you twist moving from one transition to another. I prefer leggings here as you can get a better sense of how you’re using your muscles in poses although some may prefer the free feeling of loose pants.”

Psst! Signs you need a new kit: “Look out for damaged Lycra (sometimes caused by excess washing and fabric conditioner) as this will effect the support the fabric offers. A new kit can be a great motivator!”



Be gym bag savvy: “Put together a good ‘essentials’ bag that would take you seamlessly from gym to office as you’re more likely to keep up a new routine if it’s a smooth experience. I particularly like a lightweight bag that can be worn as both a cross-body and backpack with multiple storage compartments. Doubling up on beauty essentials makes life easier too.”