A Mothers Edit: Staying Sharp

Ashley Wilson

Ashley Wilson has a lot going on. She has two beautiful daughters under four, and a big renovation project underway at home in South West London.

She works part time in fashion, and runs one of the top style blogs, A Mother’s Edit, which includes her musings on fashion, beauty, travel, interiors, fitness and parenting.

So, how does she stay on her A-game with so many plates spinning? How does she stay energetic enough to BOSS every area of her life? How does she do it?!



“At the moment I’m just walking, but I have just joined baby Margot to my gym membership so she can use the crèche and I can start spinning again. I love the group mentality and the energy of spinning.”

I love the group mentality and the energy of spinning.


“I find breaking up work by getting up and walking definitely helps keep my energy levels up, although I don’t actually have much choice with a baby and a toddler to look after each day! I love to have fresh air. Whether it be by working outdoors or with a nice breeze through open windows and doors. I also drink water. When that 3pm slump hits I have to remind myself to have a large glass of water before raiding the cupboards and then if I am still hungry to go for an apple or some carrot sticks. But to be honest I do raid three-year old Vivienne’s cake snacks too.”


“When I am on track and looking after myself I eat more protein and do tend to avoid starchy, heavy foods. I have been taking postnatal supplements with breastfeeding. I probably have far too much Diet Coke but I balance it out by drinking as much water as I can throughout the day. I also love wine and this is probably my worst downfall with energy and being focused!”

When that 3pm slump hits I have to remind myself to have a large glass of water before raiding the cupboards.


“I find it’s a vicious cycle for me – if I stop looking after myself in one way, like not exercising, I then become lazy with my other choices and come off track. So I have to be entirely focused on a goal of health and trying to be balanced in all aspects of my life.”




    If we have eaten badly during the morning and at lunch, relying on sugary snacks or processed carbs, our blood sugar will drop mid-afternoon leaving us feeling tired. And it’s not just the content but the volume we eat at lunch. A large meal needs digesting – and our blood supply is diverted to our gut to help, leaving us feeling lethargic. Choose a high protein egg breakfast instead or a bowl of hearty oats with a berry topping to give you slow release energy all morning. At lunch, choose protein again – a tuna sandwich on wholegrain bread is a good choice.


    Thinking we can make up our sleep debt with a lie-in at the weekends isn’t true, I’m afraid, so make sure you get 7-9 hours a night to preserve your energy. Steer clear of screens in the evening – the blue light plays havoc with melatonin. Caffeine is fine in moderation but avoid it after lunch or it will affect your sleep. Drinking alcohol won’t help – you may feel as though you crashed out and slept all night but your sleep quality will have been worse. And don’t over-heat your bedroom. 16-18 degrees is apparently just right for shut-eye.


Studies show that our energy levels respond to natural light. By mid-afternoon, if we have been indoors in front of computer screens and under fluorescent lighting we may be feeling a loss of energy, so get out and about. Stuffy, over-warm homes and offices may contribute to our general weariness – partly due to dehydration – so keep hydrated and open windows and doors wherever possible. Nothing energises us like exercise outdoors.