The Nue Co: Get super-charged

Jules Miller

Despite a job at the heart of the wellness industry, working for The Detox Kitchen, Jules Miller was diagnosed with IBS in her mid-twenties and got gradually sicker, until eventually she ended up in hospital.

“I started trying to be more careful with what I ate and looked to off-the-shelf supplements to help treat my symptoms,” says Jules, “Without really noticing I was quickly taking 5-8 different things a day and actually feeling pretty sick. It was my [pharmacist] grandfather who pointed out that whilst I dutifully avoided processed foods and sugar, I was still consuming all of them in my cocktail of supplements. This totally blew my mind – I assumed that everything in my supplements was “doing me good” and was there for a reason. I dug a little deeper and found out (as a general rule) 50% of a supplement will be active ingredients, but the other 50% will be synthetic fillers, bulking agents and processed ingredients. Basically, nothing your body needs.” And so she set up Nue Co., a supplement programme that keeps it seriously simple…and seriously chic.

“The Nue Co. was born from the belief that food should be our first, unadulterated source of nutrition and supplementation,” she explains, “Our ethos is eat real food, drink real coffee and when you can’t, use our supplements. We take tried and tested vitamin formulations, and remove all unnecessary preservatives and ingredients. There are no fillers, binders, thickeners, flavourings or sweeteners in any of our products, and never will be. We then replace the synthetic active ingredients with powerful organic foods. The result is a supplement that your body recognises, is easily digested and absorbed, but best of all, that works – in one spoonful.”


So, how will these super-charged powders help raise your energy levels?

1. FEELING LOW: “My go-to when my energy levels are low is our Milk Protein + Gut Food with a teaspoon of our Energy Food + Prebiotic,” says Jules, “Whey protein is very quickly absorbed by your body and is a brilliant source of fuel, aiding everything from our immune system to our cardiovascular, muscular and hair health. Our Energy Food is a blend of Maca, Beetroot and Goji Berry fortified with the prebiotic, inulin. It’s high in bioavailable magnesium, iron and calcium and gives you a long-term uplift in energy.”

2. WORKOUT BOOST: “If I’ve been at the gym I’ll always reach for our Milk Protein, but if not I tend to have our Plant Protein – it’s a blend of hemp and pea which is a slow release protein. Perfect for having alongside some fruit, granola and yoghurt in the morning.”

3. 3PM SLUMP: “At the moment, I have an old jam jar on my desk – in goes my protein and a booster with some almond milk, shake and drink!”


“As with most things, you’re going to feel the best results if you’re looking at bigger picture,” advises Jules, “So moving your body, eating good food – nothing too “clean and green” and enjoying yourself. Again, listening to your body is the best thing you can do for yourself. I feel at my best and most energetic when I eat simply. I generally eat little and often – at the moment I find this works best for me as I’m the go most of the time. I always try and eat protein for breakfast, usually in the form of eggs. It really keeps me going.”