Wake up Make up

You’ve heard of exercising to raise the endorphins, eating eggs in the morning to boost energy (thanks omega-3) and inhaling the scent of citrus fruits to rouse the senses – all methods to feel energised. But what about ways to actually look more awake?

Introducing your new wake up make up strategy – from the concealer that makes you look refreshed, to the liquid blusher that creates the illusion of a satisfying night’s sleep. We grilled multi-talented makeup artist (and emotional wellbeing coach) Lee Pycroft on how to look fresher-faced – fast. Caffeine not included.


    “Use a creamy, brightening concealer under the eyes, under the brow arch and also along your cupid’s bow. Adding light to these points will create the illusion of a refreshed look. Keep the application and texture light by using a fluffy blending brush to apply the concealer.

    Cover any red or uneven areas on the face by layering on more product by patting it into the skin to build up more coverage then buffing the edges with the blending brush. This application technique helps skin look fresh and natural by playing with textures and using targeted and varied coverage, rather than a uniformed approach.”

    Lee recommends: Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer £19.50

Use a creamy, brightening concealer under the eyes, brow arch and along your cupid’s bow to create the illusion of a refreshed look.


    “A liquid blush has such a sheer, lightweight consistency and gives an untraceable warmth and colour to the skin. A bronze tone will add shape and a tawny radiance to the skin and exude light reflection and luminosity. Apply it with a foundation brush in a sweeping motion or pat it on with a sponge.

    Applying a dab into the sockets of the eyes will also give the illusion of eyes being more awake and contoured. If bronzer isn’t your thing then a peach or pink shade can be used on the apples of the cheeks to give a veil of healthy colour. This could also be used over the top of the bronzer.”

    Lee recommends: Daniel Sandler Watercolour Liquid Blush £16.50

3. LIFT YOUR LASHES: “Boosted eyelashes will make eyes look more open, so when applying mascara make sure the tips of your top lashes are coated properly and that they are curling upwards rather then straight outwards. To help position them, bounce the tips of the lashes back while the mascara dries and make sure the outer corner lashes are not sticking out at right angles.

Instead, style them upwards and slightly inwards, creating a gap between the outer upper and lower lashes as this gives the illusion of space and creates a widening effect.  Using the tip of the mascara wand can help target specific lashes and coax them into position.”

Lee recommends:Perricone MD No Mascara Mascara £25

Boosted eyelashes will make eyes look more open.


    “If you feel your eyes are looking tired or washed out, add some contrast by using a black gel pencil along your lashes. Work underneath them rather than on top as this gives depth and definition while being barely detectible.

    The contrast of the black tone against the whites of the eyes will light them up whilst giving structure to the eyes.”

    Lee recommends: Hourglass Mechanical Gel Liner £16


    “Adding a hint of colour and moisture to your lips will not only define the shape but add vitality, freshness and light-up the rest of the face. Use a coloured balm type of texture rather then a gloss as the result will look more natural.

    Try lightly dabbing the colour on to your lips from the bullet or pencil rather then sweeping it on as this keeps the application light and allows for tailoring the shape of the mouth and placement of colour.”

    Lee recommends: Beauty Pie Fantasticolour Sculpting Lipstick, from £2.32


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For more information on Lee, visit her website leepycroft.co.uk