Simple Skin Tweaks

I love the transition from summer to autumn. OK, so it’s sad to see the last of the warm evenings and sunny mornings, but as we close one chapter and look forward, the possibilities are endless. Is it a new-school-term thing? Or is it the scent of new beginnings in that crisp September air

While I’m happily embracing the move from one season to another, my skin is NOT. Skin is a creature of habit. It’s going to have to adjust to the dry air of central heating, the cooler temperatures outside, the fact that I personally will be drinking a lot of red wine and loading up the wood-burner at the first sign of an early sunset.

Rather than a complete overhaul of my entire routine, though, I have found a few simple tweaks will help my skin through this tricky time. And if you’re considering turning over a new leaf yourself, this might be the easier, less pricey route to making a change.


The RIGHT cleanse will leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft in the coldest spike. I double-cleanse with Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm £39 Space NK, no matter the season. But when autumn hits, I get some annoying dry patches, generally around my nose and chin, and then as the central heating cranks up, I find my skin getting oilier as it starts to overcompensate for the dry air. I smooth it all out by adding in a little Indeed Labs Facial Powdered Exfoliator £18.99 Boots every few days. It also primes my skin for the treatments I’ll be layering up on. If you use a cream cleanser, adding a couple of drops of oil will make for a more gentle cleanse that won’t leave you with that dry, tight feeling.


I use Pestle + Mortar Hydrate Moisturising Cream £38 Mankind all year round – it’s quite light but packs a punch. But as it gets chillier and my skin feels especially parched, I’ll add a drop of Votary Heal Your Skin Facial Oil £65 Liberty to bolster the cream and address any seasonal sensitivity. Another change I’m making this autumn is adding in a retinol. To date, I haven’t found one I liked, but now my sun-sensitive skin can take a break from the strongest rays, I’m loving Alpha H Beauty Sleep Power Peel with 0.5% Retinol £54 QVC – my skin looks fresh in the morning and I’ve already stopped a mild breakout in its tracks.


OK, so the sun seems to have packed up and left for good, but you still need SPF. I will carry on using Murad City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA £45 over my Hydrate Moisturizer, but as the cold and dry air exacerbates lines, I prime it all with Vichy Mineral 89 £25 Boots, a gel-water serum, focusing on the skin between my eyes, my forehead and either side of my nose and mouth.


Place a bowl of water under your radiators so the air isn’t quite so dry around you and your skin is less prone to dehydration.



  • Philippa Pearne

    “Decleor Hydra Floral Ultra-Moisturising & Plumping Mask (£32) is a little too oily for my skin during summertime but as the weather gets chillier and my skin gets drier, this is the perfect addition to my regime for a new season glow. Leave it on for ten minutes then wipe it off with a cotton pad to feel instantly hydrated.”

  • Kate Shapland

    “I’m making the first proper skincare change in YEARS with a moisturiser that has genuinely blown me away: Beauty Pie Jeju Overnight Moisturiser Superinfusion (£12.28 to Beauty Pie members, £70 to non-members) melts – literally melts – into your skin.  I’ve never felt a balm like this – it’s as light as souffle, rich and comforting.”