What Happens To Your Legs As You Age?

Achiness, dry skin and unsightly veins – just some of the common issues our legs encounter as we enter our prime. Whilst some problems are more severe than others and are simply part of the ageing process, luckily there are some handy solutions for others. So whether you’re looking to conceal, soothe or treat the problem, here’s what you need to know.

Leg Swelling
  • The facts: Inevitable wear and tear over the years means that muscles aren’t as strong as they used to be plus blood circulation moves slower – so, after lengthy walks or standing for a long period of time, legs can start to feel heavy and swollen.

    The remedy: At-home massage works wonders to beat the puff. “Spend five minutes before bed doing some light drainage massage,” says massage expert, Katie Light, “Start from the ankles with a flat whole hand, sweep upwards lightly, one hand after the other with a little pumping movement, all the way up to the hips and buttocks. Focus more on the ankles and knees as fluid retention will collect more around the joints.”

    The product: Use Legology Exfo-Lite £42 during a bath or shower to boost circulation and give tired, heavy legs a pick-me-up.

Age Spots

The facts: Also known as brown spots, liver spots or sun spots, these flat round dark patches are sometimes genetic but are mainly caused by excess melanin production in specific areas via sun exposure.

The remedy: If you are already showing signs of age spots, wearing SPF will stop them from getting darker. Certain laser treatments will help reduce the appearance of existing spots.

The product: Keromask Camouflage Cream, £12.99 (keromask.com) is a body foundation that has been developed to conceal pigmentation.

Abnormal Veins
  • The facts: “The longer you are alive, the higher the chance that each vein in the leg will succumb to the problem of varicose or thread veins,” explains vascular surgeon Professor Mark Whiteley. “With varicose veins, you might notice bulging veins usually around the calf, ankles or thighs and symptoms include itchy ankles, heaviness and red or brown stains around the ankles and lower legs.”

    The remedy: If you experience any symptoms, Professor Whiteley advises that you ask for a referral to specialist vein unit to explore further treatment. In the meantime, “the more you exercise, particularly walking, the more the venous pump works and the fewer complications patients get in their legs,” he says. Also, “if the veins are working well, regular massaging, leg brushing or vacuum cupping will help the microcirculation and lymphatic return.”

    The product: Legology Lymph-Lite, £16, can be used daily to buff and improve legs’ overall health.

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