makeup for grownups

Caroline Barnes has been a top makeup artist for over 20 years now, and her YouTube channel, Speed Beauty is a treasure trove of practical makeup tips. We love her no-nonsense approach, her brilliant hacks and the concise techniques. We don’t believe there should be a rulebook for the kind of makeup you wear after 40, but Caroline does know a thing or two about makeup that can make you feel a million bucks. So read on for her top tips on makeup for grown ups.

  • Try OM Skincare No-Lines Nourishing Cream £65

    “Always carry an eye cream with you – don’t leave it in your bathroom cabinet. Apply just before makeup application, especially around the outer corners of your eyes, and use it to touch-up the areas around your eyes during the day, so your skin around your eyes always looks fresh and hydrated.”

  • Try Topshop Kohl Pencil in Coal £4

    “Bin your liquid liners unless you have tight taught lids. Liquid lines are too hard and graphic and can look unflattering. Definitely line your eyes, but use a gel or kohl and soften the edges slightly.”

  • Try Institut Esthederm Hyaluronic Mask £31 FeelUnique

    “Invest in an hyaluronic mask and use twice weekly at home. Topping up the quality of your skin at home makes a really difference on how well makeup lasts and appears on your skin.”

  • Try Winky Lux Matte Lip Velour in Heart BeautyMART

    “When wearing a strong colour on your lips opt for a matte texture. This locks the colour in place so you can be confident that the pigment won’t run. Top up with a lip balm or a moisturising lipstick in the same colour to prevent dryness.”

“Avoid doing your makeup with overhead lighting. No mind how hard you try, those overhead lights will never make you feel fresh and gorgeous. Good lighting makes us all feel good!”

For more of Caroline’s genius tips and wearable makeup, visit Speed Beauty on YouTube and follow her on Instagram

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