Festive Fragrance

My passion for perfume, like so many, always harks back to sentimental childhood memories that are pure nostalgia: playing by my father’s side at his weekend bonfire, which, in hindsight, totally accounts for my now ridiculous obsession for sandalwood and aromatic candles; and my mother’s apple crumble in the air mixed with a hefty dose of YSL’s Rive Gauche. I subsequently lost both parents by the time I hit 35, but never our story of scent.

And let’s face it, there is no time of the year more nostalgic than Christmas: a time to rekindle memories, loves and losses, and certainly no way better than through scent. So, yes, my poor children are s’mothered’ by smell: from hallway candles, a ‘busy’ log burner, their father’s cedar, amber and citrus scents, or a little cinnamon and spice with the warm Pimms apple I’m strangely addicted to come December. So if you think you feel in tune with my festive scent personality, I can vow you’ll love my favourites – perfect gifts for you and yours.

My passion for perfume always harks back to sentimental childhood memories that are pure nostalgia.

  • 1. I find men’s cologne so easy to wear all year round, and the vibrant, unisex woody, aromatic new Le Frenchy by Guerlain, £175 for 100ml, is THE best. You’ll love it and your partner will too!
  • 2. Whatever your mood, the new Valentino Donna Noir Absolu, £116.50 for 100ml exclusively at Harrods, is a deep gutsy ‘narcotic-esque’ perfume concentrate with addictive leather and sandalwood: just delish!

I find men’s cologne so easy to wear all year round.

  • 3. You wanna wear THE hottest new fashion scent? Roland Mouret’s Une Amourette, £115 for 100ml, aka ‘a fling’, is a collaboration with the unique perfumers Etat Libre d’Orange, is a super provocative skin scent combining neroli with cardamom, patchouli, and vanilla.
  • 4. Words cannot begin to say just how beautifully addictive Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Amber Skin, £165 for 50ml, is on the skin. An intoxicating oriental blend of bergamot, labdanum, honey, and myrrh, I defy you not to love it as I do.

Candles have always been my thing.

  • 5. Candles have always been my thing, and now I can permanently fill my home – and hopefully yours too – with my JOGB 100% natural luxury fragranced candles in uplifting GOJO for when I need a pick-me-up, relaxing SLOJO when I need to calm the heck down, and sensual MOJO when I want to feel confident and sexy; JOGB Candles, £65 each from jogbliving.com.

Jo, a wellbeing and beauty writer, can be found on Instagram at @jogbliving and you can enter the Legology competition to win one of her gorgeous candles and a Legology Holiday Kickstarter Kit, here.


Legology Air-Lite is another sweet-smelling gem for the Christmas wishlist.

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