Love Legology #2

Lauren Toner, 30, is a teacher by day and a blogger by night. She also has lymphoedema. Her blog, Lymph Fashion is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle site for fellow sufferers of lymphoedema, a long-term condition affecting the lymphatic system, that causes swelling and water retention in the body’s tissues, most commonly in the arms and legs. This is why she is #SoLegology.

“I’m a high school English Teacher by day so always on my feet. I moonlight as a fashion and lifestyle blogger. I also have lymphoedema. It started when I was 12. I basically need a moisturiser to keep my sensitive, fragile skin moisturised underneath my compression garments without leaving sticky residue. I instantly fell in love with Air-Lite. I apply it at night after a tough day or first thing in the morning if I know I’m having a busy day. I apply to both legs when flying abroad. My Significant Other works abroad so I travel on mid-long haul flights every 6 weeks, and I always apply before every flight.

Air-Lite is so simple to use, scoop out and smooth over legs. I adore the luxurious feel and you don’t need a lot to feel it working.

After application the product felt so silky smooth after allowing it to absorb into the skin. The smell was stunning and transports you to summer. It absorbs really quickly in comparison to other similar products, meaning I can go about my day without dedicating too much time to my moisturising routine. The tingles came as a pleasant shock but were soothing to my limb leaving my legs feeling invigorated, less heavy and less restless.”

You can read Lauren’s blog here

Lauren is #solegology

“My legs feel invigorated, less heavy and less restless.”

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