Rituals we love

January. It can be a bit bleak, can’t it? It’s cold but not festive, it’s long but the days are short… But that’s exactly why it’s the perfect time to up the ante on your self care and indulge in some cosseting, comforting beauty rituals that will soothe both body and mind. Here’s what the experts do with their January downtime.


Antonia Burrell

diy facial

“I absolutely adore facial cupping, and after hours of giving facials and looking after the family, I find it’s the best way to relax my body and facial muscles.

The beauty of it is that you can do it sat on the sofa in front of the TV! Prep the skin with a facial oil, then taking the open end of the cup, squeeze the base of the cup and place it on the face which creates a gentle suction to the skin.

Then release and this way the cup will glide and travel over your skin, along your jawline, under the cheekbones and across the forehead smoothing and lifting as it goes. The key is to keep the cups constantly moving.”

Facial in a Box by Antonia Burrell £25


Clare Rogers

relaxation ritual

“I prepare my bathroom with candles, more for the soft light once I’ve turned the main lights off. While the bath is running, I start with a really thorough body brushing to get the circulation going and improve lymph flow (try Legology Lymph-Lite Leg Brush £16). This helps boost your immune system.

When the bath’s full I add my choice of bath oils, usually another immune-booster like Aromatherapy Associates Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil (£47). Hair wrapped in a towel I exfoliate my face and apply a really hydrating face mask while I relax in the tub.

When I go to bed, I leave the bathroom door open and water in the bath overnight so the whole house smells of essential oils.”


Grace Timothy

60-second spa sensation

“I used to have a long Sunday ritual to luxuriate in. It lasted about an hour – steamy bath with aromatherapy oils, face pack on. I’d massage an oil into my cuticles and often incorporate a hair masque. That was before I had a baby, of course.

Nowadays a shower is often as good as it gets, so I’ve made that one minute feel just as special. I’m not a huge fan of shower oils – too slippery – but Diptyque Eau Rose Shower Foam (£26) is sublime, a rich, creamy lather that leaves a whisper of its scent on my skin.

I also sneak in the quickest of facials – I pat dry my skin and apply Su-Man Refining Facial Polish (£38), massaging across my face until I feel the satisfying pilling of surface debris, then rinse. It’s the one product in place of the five I used to use that leaves my skin looking fresh. ”


Jennie Roberts

caring for curls

“I cover my hair in Argan oil. I buy it from a Moroccan or Turkish shops. Most Afro hair shops sell it too.

I also use Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer (£31) when my curls are looking a bit droopy, to strengthen the hair. I’ll finish with a good moisturiser like Morrocanoil to give some suppleness.”


Kate Shapland

loving my legs

“I’m a bit obsessed with our new Cellu-Lite Salon Secret For Legs.  My new feel good ritual is to use it after my evening bath, then working Circu-Lite Squeeze Therapy For Legs, our new massage cup, over my thighs and buttocks.

The oil is supposed to be used sparingly on congested areas like thighs or knees, but I’ve got into the habit of  massaging it over my entire leg, which means I have to keep sneaking new bottles of it out of our warehouse and into my own bathroom!”

What could be more indulgent than a luxurious massage with aromatherapy oil, Legology Cellu-Lite? Apply with a medium to hard pressure to blitz the bloat and show your legs some love.

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