How much attention have you given your legs in recent months?

They get a bit forgotten in winter, hidden beneath tights, socks and trousers. And it’s easy to ignore what’s going on underneath the layers – dryness, scaliness, itchiness, a bit of puff around ankles and knees, and often an extra dimple of cellulite thanks to fortifying seasonal fuel.  Legs reflect how we feel at this point – a bit heavy, a bit weary and in need of a tonic.  The solution is a bit of self time – you, in the bathroom, body brush in one hand, exfoliator in the other, and a workhorse leg cream or oil to finish.  It doesn’t take long to bring legs back from the brink – they respond quickly if you treat them the right way.

Here’s my 4-step plan to put a spring back into your winter-weary legs:


2 minutes a day for visible cellulite reduction

Daily brushing has been proved to reduce cellulite by 26% in two weeks

If you saw The Truth About Looking Good on BBC One in January, you’ll have noted that a body brush is your legs’ greatest friend: the programme researchers proved that daily use improves the appearance of cellulite by 26% in two weeks.  This doesn’t surprise me: cellulite responds to movement – friction from the bristles of a brush and manual massage – because it largely forms when fluid gets trapped between the fat cells and distorts the way the fat looks on the skin’s surface.  Promote the lymph – the system that naturally detoxifies the body, taking away trapped fluid – and you’ll reduce cellulite.  My leg/body brush, Lymph-Lite Boom Brush For Legs, was designed to be used as the therapist’s use a brush, in quick light flicks from feet to knees, knees to hips, over buttocks and up arms, to promote the lymph.  You can use it on dry, wet or damp skin, just use the flicking motion and use it every day.


There’s proof that daily brushing reduces cellulite by 26% in two weeks


once a week for noticeable softness & glow

Now lets talk softness and suppleness.  Those scaly shins, goosepimply thighs and itchy hips are the upshot of months of moisture-sucking central heating, which depletes the skin and leaves it thirsty and prone to dullness and dehydration.  A weekly buff with salts that also restore suppleness are the prescription.  My leg scrub, Exfo-Lite Stimulating Salts For Legs, smoothes skin, restores its suppleness and stimulates the circulation, helping to drain and detoxify legs.  You apply the salts to dry skin, massaging them into your legs before you switch the shower on or sit down in the bath.  It’s a weekly ritual that can become addictive.  And it delivers quick results.

A deep detox oil, made to give cellulite an extra push


daily to boost the benefits of brushing

Here’s where your cellulite gets an extra push: my deep detox oil Cellu-Lite Salon Secret For Legs was made for adding muscle to the benefits of regular brushing.  You apply it to areas of puff and cellulite – so anywhere you have fluid retention – by massaging it in with your fingers.  Be firm with this – it’s a good sign when skin turns pink because this is evidence that you’ve got the circulation dsgoing, and that helps your body naturally detoxify. You can also apply it with your brush: just add a few drops to the bristles, and flick the brush over warm skin after a bath or shower.


The hero leg cream that lightens, moisturises & puts a new spring in your step



daily to restore lightness & nimbleness 

Now how to solve many issues – dryness, dullness, bloat and cellulite – in one application.  My hero cream, Air-Lite Daily Lift For Legs, deeply moisturises, tones skin and deeply drains, encouraging release of toxins that add to puff and bloat around knees and ankles.  This is a 365-day-a-year cream, but it’s particularly well suited for use after exercise (so perfect for your ski holiday washbag) and when legs need extra TLC. Apply it in upwards movements from feet to knees, over thighs and hips, and feel lighter, energised and more positive immediately.