legology pro – The Leg Treatment

Legology founder Kate Shapland had a plan for our legs. It began with a citrusy lotion that would make legs feel lighter, then came products to add colour, scrub, brush and massage. But all along she knew that one day she’d also offer a treatment, an invigorating massage to help improve leg shape and make legs feel better than ever.

“One of the reasons I developed Legology was because I had been so impressed by the contouring massage I’d had from an independent therapist some years ago,” explains Kate, “No other massage I had after that came close to it – and I was determined to develop a brand which delivered the same contouring results, supported by great home care products.” And now it’s here! Here’s Kate to explain what you can expect from Legology Pro.



“The therapist works with the client’s body and knows where to apply the right kind of pressure according to her shape. The massage, which was developed for us by a top Biarritz massage therapist, starts with a full leg exfoliation and body brush, using Legology Exfo-Lite and Legology Lymph-Lite, rinsing with lemon water. Then the therapist uses Legology Cellu-Lite, our deep drainage oil, to massage the legs from toes to hips.

She combines these strokes with a cupping technique, using Legology Circu-Lite and this is key because it’s the one that pushes the lymph along and helps it clear the body of trapped fluid.  After that, the therapist applies a layer of Legology Air-Lite, which is wonderfully cooling and enhances the deep drainage benefit, and if the client is bare-legged, a layer of Legology Sun-Lite over that.  We ask clients to drink a large glass of water after the treatment. It’s an intense hour!”



    “The massage is designed for women who are looking for real and visible shape benefits after one treatment.  It takes a very special protocol and an experienced, intuitive therapist who is prepared to work very hard!  There are not many therapists or treatments like this around – it’s not like lymphatic massage, which is very light. It is intense, but works like magic if you have cellulite or fluid retention and want to shape up alongside a lifestyle regime.”


    “Better shape! The massage techniques are designed to work deep to eke out trapped fluid – which is chiefly what cellulite is – so that the body metabolises and expels it.  And the impact is instant: legs feel less heavy and congested, they look more defined and ‘cleaner’. In clearing away trapped fluid around thighs, knees and ankles the massage visibly reduces puff.  This is why the treatment works so well if you’re feeling a bit bloated or hormonal.  It really helps to promote the lymph.”


“We currently offer the treatment via independent massage therapists in the London area only.  You can book the treatment through our site and our therapists will come to your home to give you the treatment.”

The Legology Pro treatment is £125 for one session,
£350 for three,
and £500 for a course of five treatments.