wet skin + moisturiser = new trend

We’ve spotted a trend for moisturisers that work while you shower – yes in the water – so busy bees don’t have to waste precious time beautifying unnecessarily during the morning routine. I was dubious at first but seeing as skin is at its most absorbent when wet, the concept is actually a fair theory. And hey, if there’s an option to save time while juggling a career and a one-year-old I’m taking it!

So here we go, my verdict on ‘in-shower’ treats (with apologies for my early cynicism…)

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser Pampering Honey smells divine as soon as you pop the lid. But not to be distracted by the scent (clever tactic) I applied it all over once I’d cleansed in the usual way, then rinsed it off after a few seconds. Afterwards, my skin was soft, I smelt delicious and felt extra special for the rest of the day – like I had actually set aside time to apply body lotion. There was no difference, except I had the gift of an extra five minutes to decide what to wear. £3.56.

“smells divine as soon as you pop the lid”


Vodka + tonic in the bath: another time-saving way to hydrate

Vichy Ideal Soleil After-Sun In-Shower or On Dry Skin can be used when you’re dry too so depending on your time frame, you have two handy options. The spray applicator is easy to use in-shower – no slippery clumsy lid to deal with – and again, my skin felt smooth and pampered post-shower. Another brilliant time saver added to my collection! £13

“no slippery clumsy lid to deal with”

St Tropez Gradual Tan In-Shower Lotion Golden Glow-Medium is slightly different – it’s not primarily a body moisturiser however gradual tanners usually promote hydration too. It took a few days to build up any sort of colour, especially on my legs but when it finally showed, it was nicely even and there wasn’t a drip line in sight. My skin felt happily hydrated too! £14.50.

“not a drip line in sight”