rosemary ferguson + food = feeling good

Model-turned-naturopath and nutritional therapist Rosemary Ferguson loves food and firmly believes that what you put in your body has a massive effect on how you feel physically and mentally.

Lift Off talked to her about self-medicating with feel-better food.

“My philosophy is to make nutrition achievable.  There is no room for beating yourself up in my clinic – life has to be lived! – and through nutrition and a bit of self care you can give your body the tools it needs to cope with the crazy lives we all lead”.

  • Food that makes you feel more nimble:

    “try nettle tea or soup, it’s a great diuretic and will help with water retention. You can pick nettles fresh from all over the place.  Try artichokes in soup or stews too – it’s fab for the liver.  Bitter tasting green leaves are wonderful for the liver too. Add chia or flax seeds to your soups and salads.  The fibre will really help the cleansing process as will omega 3’s.  Do a juice day using lots of veg in juices and smoothies, adding wheat grass or chlorella or spirulina powder to help the cleansing and rejuvenating process”.

    Herbs that decongest best:

    “with the liver you want to think bitter, because this is what tends to get it going.  Milk thistle and dandelion are very supportive and protective of the liver, rocket is very liver stimulating, as is chicory.  Parsley is wonderful for energy and also great for detoxing because it’s high in chlorophyll.  Fennel is good for gut health and gut flora too; it’s also a great diuretic”.

  • Ways to make them more palatable :

    “the best way to take herbs is to add them to everything and anything. Juicing them is a great way to use them, but you can add them to soups, stews and salads, or you can buy supplements such as glutathione if you need a stronger dose”.

    Ultimate detoxifying superfood:

    “Green powders – they’re brilliant.  I like Pure Synergy because it has medicinal mushrooms in it plus a broad range of all the green grasses and blue-green algaes.  I’m a big fan of these properties because they pack a punch nutritionally and detoxification and they’re really easy to include in your ‘every day’” .

    Favourite liver-cleansing supplement:

    “I take a course of milk thistle from time to time and a course of B complex twice a year.  Both help the liver a lot.  I also take aswaganda if I am very flat and this helps balance everything including liver function”.

“I body brush as often as I remember, and I also do hot and cold showers unless I’m feeling weedy!  Both these things get the lymph going.  You can really feel the circulation get going – your feet tingle!”